Advanced Reinforced Concrete Structures

Lecture notes

Advanced Reinforced Concrete Structures-S1 [File Size: 1.81 MB] Presentation Template [File Size: 95.3 KB]

Advanced Reinforced Concrete Structures-S2 [File Size: 571 KB] New Files-S2-1 [11.0 MB] Files-S2-2 [13.8 MB]

Advanced Reinforced Concrete Structures-S3 [File Size: 3.66 MB] Failure Patterns-S3 [File Size: 624 KB] Example-S3 [File Size: 18 KB]

Advanced Reinforced Concrete Structures-S4 [File Size: 8.58 MB] Files-S4 [File Size: 2.20 MB]

Advanced Reinforced Concrete Structures-S5 [File Size: 477 KB]  Grid Floor System-S5 [File Size: 3 MB] Files-S5 [File Size: 6.11 MB]

Advanced Reinforced Concrete Structures-S6 [File Size: 2.29 MB] NewFiles-S6 [File Size: 2.95 MB]

Advanced Reinforced Concrete Structures-S7 [File Size: ]

Advanced Reinforced Concrete Structures-S8 [File Size: 4.28 MB]

Advanced Reinforced Concrete Structures-S9 [File Size: 1.78 MB] New

Advanced Reinforced Concrete Structures-S10 [File Size: 6.80 MB] Design Curves for Coupled Shear Walls [File Size: 2.13 MB]


ARCS-Assignments-S2 [File Size: 106 KB]

ARCS-Assignments-S3 [File Size: 498 KB]

ARCS-Assignments-S4 [File Size: 36.9 KB]

ARCS-Assignments-S5 [File Size: 80 KB]

ARCS-Assignments-S6 [File Size: 2.78 MB]

ARCS-Assignments-S9 [File Size: 32 KB]

ARCS-Assignments-S10 [File Size: 33 KB]



Structural Design & Drawing Reinforced Concrete and Steel


Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures


Reinforced Concrete Slabs


National Building Regulations, Part 9: Design and Construction of R.C. Buildings


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